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AmberProject is the unique combination of contributing to society while also aiming to pledge the resource gap within the IT organizations.  

We embrace "people" and pursue a world where inclusion and diversity are acceptable and assessed as a force that enhance recruitment process.

We face a challenge of missing over 7.000 IT competencies in Denmark.

This causes a large loose of revenue and frustration in many organizations. 

Our traditional mindset and recruitment process is no longer giving the result. 

The market requires an innovative solution



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Our mission is to bring diversity and inclusion into IT organizations by going beyond the CV and empowering skilled 'Amber profiles' back to IT organizations.

The Story of AmberProject

The name amber is a symbol for unidentified potential of many competences hidden in a compact material, often buried under the sea with no value in its current existence.


Amber is fossilized tree resin that has been appreciated for its color and natural beauty since Neolithic times

The English word amber derives from Middle Persian “ambar”.


Amber occurs in a range of different colors, shapes, and sizes- as well as the usual yellow-orange-brown that is associated with the color "amber".


Today is amber also known as the 'Nordic gold' and it has a history of being perceived as a high value material.

The true beauty of an 'amber' comes to live when it has been processed and nourished with care of its essence and material. 

From this perception, we truly believe that the ideal name of our vision is “Amber”. 

Our goal is to help with the challenges we face in the IT-world with a “tailored amber process” to unite and identify the value of each individual amber with a selected amber workplace.

With the focus on bringing local unidentified competences to our network of Amber workplaces by our tailored “amber process” we aim to generate the true value and purpose of each individual amber profile.

The aim of Amber is to unite the “amber profile” with the right “nest” to grow and evolve from. 

With respect for each and single “amber” competences and true essence will our amber process be tailored to give the balance between competence and confidence.

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The world requires an innovative solution 


Ask4IT has developed a “tailored Amber process” which encourage and raise our “Amber profiles” back to IT jobs by fostering their motivation, re-connect them with their IT skills and encourage them to execute their full potential.


We have a created a unique process where we take care of each “Amber profile” individually with the focus on reconnecting them to both their IT skills and their motivation


We will continuously follow and generate our “amber ambassador” to the highest possible level and by a close cooperation to our “amber workplaces” we will keep joined focus on a guardedly onboarding and continuously development of the “amber ambassador”.

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