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The IT industry lacks thousands of skilled IT profiles, however, as you might have experinced, it can be quite the challenge to search and find the right competencies. Through Amber, you and your team will be able to be matched with several IT-Profiles, Amber Ambassadors, to fill out the roles your are seeking in your team. Your organisation will provide our Amber ambassadors with another oppertunity to enter the job market as well as get a skilled teammate. 


 As an Amber Workplace, you and your team will be responsible for providing the Amber ambassador with an engaged and committed onboarding and workplace. The Ambassador has been out of work for at least 6 months and some might therefore require a motivational and flexible workplace to get stared - and if both parties agree at the end of the 6 months Amber process, a contract can be negotiated. 


 Beside acquiring a new team-member, you and your company also contribute to diversity and inclusion within your business. You will be able to provide highly skilled and experienced IT-people with another chance into the IT-world in order for them to recreate their motivation to the job market. 

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We only succeed...

... if we have a strong mutual commintment


Note, evt. noget om selve processen for virksomheden? hvor meget kan/ må vi siger her - også ift. kursus de skal indgå?

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Flexible contract in 6 months

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Saving up to 20% of the average market consultancy fee

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A network with highly skilled intermediate or Senior profiles

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Possibility for permanent employment with the Amber-ambassador after the contract period

Want to know more about becoming an Amber Workplace? 

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