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My name is Ida Sandberg, my goal is to create an efficient and trustworthy model for outsourcing IT professionals. 


With over 15 years of experience in IT, outsourcing, digital and IT consultancy,

I have established ask4IT, as the name says, you just need to “ask” one place.  


I am a born networker.  Even as a toddler I remember seeking contact with people in my surrounding to learn and widen my “world”. You can say that I have this insatiable passion for connecting with people and expansion of my horizons and I love what I do every day. 


So, feel free to reach out if you can see the value of expanding YOUR network and creating correlative value.  

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My Story

In my career, I have always challenged myself and by doing so take some chances. This has, from time to time, wounded my passion and motivation, as well as consistency in my CV.   


At the age of 40, is it clear to me that people and networks are what drives and motivate me no matter the service and product. 


So my dream is to make an effective IT consultancy model for all parties involved and to take the lead in connecting the dots and make sure all needs are fulfilled.  


I believe that the market is ready to be challenged and I am motivated to do so.

I believe the key to our success is by making people matter first!  

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